All the People / shEtkn mahh
Beeya.wEE.hh kt Logo
Beeya.wEE.hh kt Society Purposes
Beeya.wEE.hh kt Activities
Nlaka’pamuxcin Gathering
Nlaka’pamuxcin Curriculum Development
All the People / shEtkn mahh

All the People / shEtkn mahh

Beeya.wEE.hh kt council of elders:

  • Charon Spinks
  • Buster Adams
  • Jean Florence
  • Judy Hanna
  • Daniel Sam

quequshtAyp To Our Elders!

Beeya.wEE.hh kt board of the directors are:

  • Darwin Hanna, Chairperson
  • Harvey Dunstan, Vice-Chairperson
  • Karen McArthur, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Mary Angus
  • Malvina Iron

Beeya.wEE.hh kt Logo

Beeya.wEE.hh kt Logo

Designer: Alice Joe

  • The main element of the logo consists of four arrows pointing inward. This conveys the idea and primary goal of the society which is our people coming together to learn, preserve and pass down our language.
  • The secondary element of the logo is the repeating circular graphics which bring to mind both the coiled construction of our baskets as well a sound wave.
  • The primary inspiration for the logo stems from the trivet shown on the weaved cedar root hot plate.
    • The secondary inspiration for the logo is sound waves.

Beeya.wEE.hh kt Society Purposes

Beeya.wEE.hh kt Society Purposes

The purposes of the piyeʔwiʔx kt Language Foundation Society are:

(a) to revitalize, promote, preserve, protect, and maintain the language of the Nlaka’pamux Indigenous people, written as any of Nlha7kapmxtsín, Nłeʔkepmxcín and Nlaka’pamuxcin, in the Tl’kémtsin area and other areas for the benefit of the Indigenous People of Nlaka’pamux ancestry;
(b) to gather and develop Nlaka’pamux language resources and make them available for language revitalization projects and strategies;

(c) to plan and implement Nlaka’pamux language immersion, revitalization and preservation projects, and language planning programs such as:
i) Mentor-Apprentice Programs;
ii) Language and Culture Camps;
iii) Language Nests; and
iv) Language Revitalization Planning.

(d) to provide language, cultural, and educational workshops, courses, professional learning community, and conferences for the benefit of the Indigenous People of Nlaka’pamux ancestry;

(e) to establish a bursary endowment fund for the benefit of Indigenous students;

(f) to provide bursaries and scholarships to Indigenous students.


Beeya.wEE.hh kt Activities

Beeya.wEE.hh kt Activities

1. Nlaka’pamuxcin and cultural learning experiences

2. Learn Nlaka’pamuxcin during cedar root basket making

3. Develop curriculum materials to support Nlaka’pamuxcin immersion and cultural learning experiences

4. Sharing of Nlaka’pamuxcin knowledge between speakers and learners

Nlaka’pamuxcin Gathering

Nlaka’pamuxcin Gathering

The Society hosted a Nlaka’pamuxcin language gathering on March 29, 2019: “OOyeewuhooza MOqueewuh / óiyxwuza mókwix – Come here for the gathering / tákmcin sétkn moxw / tAkmchin shEtkn mowuh – All the languages for all the people.” The gathering promoted Nlaka’pamuxcin language relating to the following language based activities: cedar root baskets, hand-drumming, fishing, TPR – Total Physical Response, stretching / movement, bingo.

A gathering is planned to be held by March 2021.

Nlaka’pamuxcin Curriculum Development

Nlaka’pamuxcin Curriculum Development

The Society hosted and collaborated with students from UBC enrolled in First Nations Endangered Languages 380 taught by Professor Candace Kaleimamoowahinekapu Galla Ph.D. | Native Hawaiian, Assistant Professor | Faculty of Education | Department of Language & Literacy Education, UBC. The students developed curriculum booklets with assistance of elder Marlene Joe and the elders of the Society.